OWS employs the latest technology in order to provide the most accurate metocean data and the highest standard of service.

OWS utilizes sophisticated global atmospheric models from the US Navy, the US National Weather Service, JMA and the Bureau of Meteorology (Australia). These atmospheric models are used to drive the latest generation wave model, producing independent wave model output for the region. These regional wave model data are then used to produce nested wave models for each client area.

Real time high resolution Visual, Infra Red and Water Vapour satellite imagery from geostationary satellites is received at our office in Victoria, Australia, where our software is used to determine the position and intensity of Tropical Cyclones, and to track squalls and other severe weather events.

Real time data is obtained via high speed data links. These data include worldwide GTS bulletins, surface weather reports from ships, met-ocean buoys and land stations, upper atmospheric reports, client observations, weather radar returns and polar-orbiting scatterometer imagery depicting ocean wind conditions.

The data are assimilated, plotted and analyzed by experienced meteorologists, giving the most comprehensive picture of the weather affecting the Client's operations. This analysis, together with the forecaster's experience, is applied to fine-tune the atmospheric model output, giving the most accurate forecasts possible.