Metocean Statistics

OWS provide metocean statistics used for operational purposes as well as engineering design purposes. Metocean statistics provide a way for oil and gas companies building offshore structures to estimate design parameters and also downtime due to adverse weather. We utilize satellite remote sensing data and a number of computer models to calculate or forecast metocean parameters that are of interest to our clients.

Computer Simulations

Besides metocean statistics, in the design of vessels, ports, or other weather sensitive structures, the simulation of extreme weather is important. Using the latest computer models, we are able to provide customized simulations of metocean processes to derive likely extreme environmental conditions. OWS is capable of conducting atmospheric, wave, and current modeling for applications of various scales.

Weather Forecasts

We provide high-quality weather forecasts, including specialized forecasts for typhoons, and other adverse weather. Each forecaster has had at least 15 years¡¯ experience in offshore forecasting, and all have been involved as on-site meteorologists in support of exploration and production activities in the Australia - Southeast Asia region.

Metocean Measurements

Where modeled data or historical data cannot meet client¡¯s requirement, OWS can conduct in-situ metocean data acquisition programme. OWS teams up with Guangzhou SHES in providing metocean measurement services. Guangzhou SHES has conducted numerous current measurements in shallow waters as well as in deep waters over the past 20 years.

Products or Services under planning

Besides these established products, we are looking to develop new products tailored to the needs of other industries where the weather plays a critical role. This involves active research into the needs of these industries and how best to accurately forecast or estimate the relevant weather parameters.