OFFSHORE WEATHER SERVICES (OWS) was incorporated in Australia in 2002, and in Singapore in 2004, by a team of meteorologists and oceanographers highly experienced in the supply of meteorological and oceanographic (metocean) support to the Offshore Industry.

OWS Asia specializes in providing meteorological and oceanographic consultancy for both offshore and onshore industries, while OWS Australia specializes in providing high-quality weather forecasts and related services. OWS Asia utilizes satellite remote sensing data and the best computer models to determine trends in weather patterns or forecast weather parameters that are of interest to our clients.


Our mission is to apply the lastest academic research results in meteorology and oceanography to support our clients in design, installation, and operating of offshore and onshore facilities.


Good understanding of meteorological and oceanographic processes worldwide and closely following the latest achievement in academic research. We provide reliable services to our customers.


OWS Asia has just completed a wave climate study in support of design and construction of a LNG receiving station offshore SE China